On the Road Again

After ten and a half months of living in Bali, we are on the road again – this time we are going back home. Our journey is due to last 42 days and although we are still taking the Trans-Siberian, we are going to vary our route before and after the Beijing to Moscow stretch. Same ‘ground rules’: no planes, and using public transport whenever possible. Our second aim is to explore interesting places on the way. Whereas our inbound journey had been carefully planned weeks ahead of departure, our return journey is a little more spontaneous. Our intention is also for our blog posts to be a little more informal and more frequent.

We had originally wanted to leave as soon as the term was over but the weekly boat to Batam Island near Singapore (our only practical means to reach the continent without flying) is on Fridays which meant that we had a week to make our way to Jakarta. We decided to stay three more days in Bali to finish few projects, get rid of our possessions and say good bye to friends. It was really nice not having to rush things. Another good decision was to go to the sea on the morning of our departure. Noan, Yoel’s Green Studies teacher and good friend picked us at Green School and took us to his house in Denpasar to collect his two paddle boards. We also got the opportunity to meet his lovely daughter for the first time.

We went to Pura Merlasari beach south of Seminak. It was a bit out of our way but well worth it! Noan and Yoel were on paddle boards and I rented a sea kayak so the three of us could glide along the calm waters before the reef to the sound of crashing waves in the distance.

paddleWe went all the way to a small lighthouse structure and back. The timing was perfect. We even had the time to have a tasty Balinese meal in a quaint garden restaurant mostly frequented by locals and jumped on an old minibus as soon as we arrived at the coach station.

Leaving Denpasar The bus ride was a bit bumpy and took us away from the built up south to the lush rice fields of the north of the island. Part of the way was along the western coast and it was nice to see glimpses of large waves between the coconut trees.

Bali West coast

We had been told that the largest waves in fifty years had been recorded just the day before. Four hours later we were boarding a ferry in Gilimanuk, on the calmer waters of the Bali Straight to reach our first destination – Java.


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